CML Marketing Ltd's management team is a mixture of creative youth
and experience. Please find a brief bio by each individual...


CML Marketing Limited
21 Oakland Park,
Oakhill Lane
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

T: 01473 604504
Design Studio

Name: Dean Cook
Position: CEO
Background: 23 years design, marketing & audio experience

Name: Martyn Walker
Position: Chief Technology Officer
Background: 27 years programing for IT, telecoms & software

Name: Chris Walmsley
Position: Head of Creative Design
Background: 8 years creative graphic design, web & branding

Name: Adam Walker
Position: Head of Web Programming
Background: Maverick coding & software expert

Name: Edward Lawlor
Position: Head of Finance
Background: 40 years in financial, legal & banking systems

CML are the best of creative partners for your marketing ideas. We deliver design innovation that is collaborative, open-minded, and expert in execution. Most of all we provide communications that are real and relevant.

CML has brought together one of the best teams in the business. From Marketeers to Designers & Programmers all with longterm proven track records. We understand that we live in fast paced times, where global forces and social drivers are compelling us to act dynamically.

To help you get the best out of your budget, what CML offers the flair for the maverick tempered with the wisdom of experience.


WEB – Design/Development/E-Commerce/SEO

Content Managed/Social/eMarketing/Analytics

CML can design you a contemporary website or sites with excellent marketing flow and presentation.

This is created by experienced programmers who have built entire web banking infrastructures, designed complex multi site eCommerce systems and delivered many cutting edge technologies for both B2B and B2C search friendly web sites primarily using HTML, Java, PHP, AX and Sharepoint.

We understand the best sites are not about you but what they deliver for your customer. Above all, we provide solutions that solve their problems.

Site design
API integration

SQL and PHP Scripting
Server side scripting
Content managed
Social integration

Backend functionality...

Realtime multisite content authoring
Realtime social aggregation
Realtime sales and marketing analytics
Realtime reputation & rival monitoring
Realtime systems, server side & API integration
Realtime social trending & analysis
Integrated and optimised SEO
Integrated logistics

CML - Web design, development, E-commerce, SEO, CMS, social, emarketing, analytics, content managed websites

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation/Development/

Content Managed/Social/

Search Engine Optimisation

CML are well versed in the tactics that drive SEO algorithms as well as those methods that are counter productive. Yet we firmly believe that such optimisations should never detract from the message and quality of content contained within the site.
In reality this can be summarised as white, grey and black hat techniques. Here are some examples...

Ongoing Content Development

Site Optimisation
The manipulation of your content, wording, and site structure for the purpose of attaining high search engine positioning is the backbone of SEO and the search engine positioning industry.

Content Creation
Unique content creation that will be of interest to your visitors adds value to your site. The more content-rich your site is the more valuable it will appear to the search engines. Key word optimisations remains a key search criteria defined through thorough research.

Internal Linking
Many sites use some form of script for drop-down and navigation, resulting in unindexed pages. These copy flow directors are good for understanding, but stile linking. Adding text links at the bottom to all you main internal pages remains a good idea.

Reciprocal Linking
Exchanging links with other sites is a good way of attaining additional traffic.

Writing For Others
Articles, forum posts, and blogs build links to your website that don't require a reciprocal link back.

Grey & Black hat techniques to avoid

Websites with hidden content in the code or developer comment tags to help drive traffic (Seriously frowned upon by Google if found)
Meta Keyword Stuffing (A spam technique used to improve a site's ranking)
Doorway or Gateway web pages (Fake pages designed to attract traffic and stuffed with SEO words)
Link Farming (Google are currently trying to stop this)
Meta Keywords that are over pumped (Less relevant today)

E-COMMERCE – Web Shops/Database/Integrated

Packaging/Logo Design/Catalogues

The future of electronic sales

Electronic commerce is considered to be the sales aspect of
e-business. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. This is an effective and efficient way of communicating within customers and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.
It is the future.

All E-Commerce sites should be built keeping in mind a wide range of technologies such as e-mail, desktop, mobile, tablets,
social media, and telephones as well.


Web advertising banners
Web page design & optimisation
Direct communications/notifications
Real time updates to your desktop
Web site logo design
Web summary of annual report
Web brand development
Web case studies
Web copywriting
Web White Papers
Web Publishing and blogging
Custom web product catalogues

COLLATERAL – Advertising/Brochure/Direct Mail

Packaging/Logo Design/Catalogues

Breaking through the noise...

Brochure design
Direct mail
Packaging design
Logo design
Annual reports
Brand development
Case studies
White Papers

Too many communications are creative without being
persuasive. Slick, clever, funny, and different are poor substitutes for informative, believable, memorable and persuasive.

The best communications break through our visual and mental filters by talking our language, touching our emotions and creating imagery that resonates with us.

We bring 24 years of design experience to the table


AUDIO & VIDEO – Audio Production/Video Production

Voice Over/Radio Advertising/Presentations

Award winning communications...

Using our in-house recording and production facilities
CML can provide highly cost effective, professional
Audio and Video productions. Whether for presentation,
advertising or training, whether on the Web, Radio or TV,
we have it covered.

Every time a customer engages with your business,

the psychology of an AV experience creates a symbolic
construct associated with your brand, product or service.
For this reason CML makes sure it creates a real impression
visually and sonically that best reflects the qualities
or characteristics that define your sales opportunity.


Location Filming
Audio scripting & narration
Studio recording and engineering
Telephone messaging
Video Editing
Music & folio FX
Radio advertising production
Audio book production

EXHIBITION – StandDesign/BusinessPresentations

Events/Pop Up Banners/Media Display

Creating visual drama...

There is nothing more off putting than a shell scheme, amateur Powerpoint or Home video. Customers know the difference.
Give them cheap pop ups, poor typography, and cluttered
graphics, e.g.too much information, too little information...
get poor results!

People respect properly designed information with contemporary imagery, clear marketing messages and 'TV production' style
values. You have one chance to impress. It’s about communications that are made to fit the medium rather than be shoe- horned in.
It’s about being professional.

We can make you look a million dollars!


Stand concept & design
Professional pop Up stands
Banner stands
Business Presentations
Reception & boardroom design
Electronic presentations
Audio & Video production
Exhibition brochures & collateral
Press packs
Event and giveaways
Corporate voice overs
Radio advertising



Programming & Development
According to W3Techs, PHP is run on 77% of all the websites whose server-side programming language is known. PHP is used by major development organisations to create every possible kind of web application. CML’s in-house development team utilise PHP and other Open Source technologies to build efficient solutions for e-commerce, application programming interfaces and content management. This includes...

  • PHP/Ajax/CSS/XHTML/JavaScript, XML, XSLT
  • LAMP development (Linux Apache MySql Perl/PHP)
  • Joomla Add-on, Plug-in, Extension and Application Development
  • SharePoint Administration and delopment including C# and
  • Mobile application development (Android OS, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS)



















Custom web applications and user interace
Growing demand for intranet applications has led to CML to design internal and external website applications. Typically these have been used to manage company-wide content, integration with systems like Microsoft AX, realtime statistical analysis, or for distribution of documentation created in applications like Microsoft SharePoint which we are able to achieve in-house.

Enhanced Page Development (EPD)
Unlike most agencies CML has in-house expertise and specialist programmering capabilities to ensure a page is not just well designed but is optimised for performance, readability, ease of use and search engine optimisation.


SHAREPOINT – Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn


From the one to the many...

Using the WebPR control panel, you can write a social post once and have it automatically formatted and simultaneously broadcast to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, and your company Blog in realtime.

From the one to the many...

You can also monitor in realtime all responses, related tweets, retweets, posts, comments, positive and negative feedback and measure social effectivness to drive sales, brand and reputation also in realtime from the same control panel.

This is an extermely potent, realtime weapon for managing your entire social marketing efforts.

Linked In




SalesAlerts/Quotes/Call Backs

Auto Responses/Invoicing/Logistics

Alerts and Notifications
just got intelligent...

Think of our system as you would the screen of a city
trader, delivering realtime alerts and trading information
in which to make informed decisions. That is what
WebPR provides with realtime stats, sales alerts,
requests, quotes and other customisable notifications,
to marketing departments and sales people.

These can be used to monitor the entire customer
sales experience and lifescycle in combination with
other internal or external systems or APIs, including
integration with invoicing, quoting, stock control,
shipping, and logistics etc. in realtime.

Contact us to find out more...

Sales alerts
Call backs
Security alerts
News updaes
Stock Control

Realtiime quotes
Competition monitoring
Reputation management
Automated responses
API integration



AND REPORTING ON ROI – Web Stats/Landing Pages

Sales Stats/Management/Reputations

Marketing, driven by
the 'wisdom of the crowd'

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to
increase their bottom line, but without increasing
cost or headcount. This can only be achieved in
one way.

A: WebPR makes employees and systems more
productive by consolidating every sale, stat and opinion
into a single control panel that sits in your Browser.
Better knowledge, leads to better decisions, more quickly!

Working out where best to spend overstretched
marketing budgets so that they deliver the best return
on investment whilst taking into account new social
thinking can only be done in one way.

A: WebPR provides you realtime sales alerts, social
responses, web content management tools and
realtime stats to measure a campaign's effectiveness
without effecting the way you work.

Monitor sales stats live
Monitor web stats live
Manage campaign responses live
Generate management reports
Measure ROI (Return on investment)

MARKETING – Innovative/Creative/Technological/

Consultative/Results Driven/Planned

Outsourced Marketing...

CML works in more than one way with its clients.

i) Project by project basis
ii) Delivering a fresh perspective or new work
iiI) On secondment spending a day a week working
closely with your company in a collaborative way

Some have taken advantage of having us onsite creating
close working relationships and highly effective and
collaborative web and communication strategies.

Whichever way we work, we are...
Innovative – Our team are talented, qualified and
experienced in all marketing disciplines, from brand
development to web design, social media to search
engine optimisation. 

Creative – We believe great marketing is inspired,
artistic, original, compelling and surprising. Creativity
is not something you can manufacture, you’ve either
got it or you haven’t.

Technological – We have built technological solutions
from bank messaging systems to mobile applications,
social marketing tools to content managed multi-serving
web platforms. We have the system architects.

Consultative – We have consulted at board level for many blue chip companies including Siemens, Sharp, Sun Microsystems, Computacenter, Yamaha, etc as well as providing marketing services as an outsourced marketing department to company's like Roland, Commodore, and RDC.

Results-driven – All our marketing campaigns are focused
on delivering results that will maintain and grow your business. We provide our clients with strategic consultancy
based on experience, expertise and industry insight honed
from 24 years in the business.

For many of our customers we are able to provide collaborative web technology...


The realtime marketing and socail aggregation tool in your browser...

Pro-active not Re-active marketing
Realtime web analytics & cluster analysis

Web sites with realtime social reporting
Multi-channel campaign monitoring


SOCIAL – Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn

Youtube/Company Blog/Aggregation






rss feed

Add some extra weight to your
social strategy...

Our social media services including full blog contribution,
article writing and submission services. We also monitor
and report in realtime social strategy effectiveness
including mutlichannel monitoring from multicasting
to article clustering, tweets to videos, with backlinking
effectiveness, shortening tags and SEO.

We also provide full analysis of a message's flow
including cluster analysis and influencers.

We bring 23 years of experience to the table!

Company Blog Writing
Article submission and backlinking
Company Facebook posting
Company Linkedin posting
Company Google+ posting
Analysis of competitive social strategy
Team page social indexing
Social aggregation tools
Reputation monitoring
Viral Marketing


BRAND – Development/Refresh/Guidelines

Messaging/Positioning/Market Research

Award winning communications

Building, establishing and maintaining your brand is
fundamental not just to marketing, but to your business.
Every time a customer engages with you, he/she relates
to this brand experience.

The psychology of this creates a symbolic construct
within the minds of people consisting of all
information and aspects associated with it.
For this reason we work very hard with you to distill your
brand to make sure it delivers on customer expectation,
and best reflects the qualities that make your company
special and unique.

Brand and Web style guidelines
International design, creation and messaging
Brand templete development rules
Logo usage guidelines
Channel and Partner accrediation guidelines
Typography and font implementation
Support visuals and iconography guides
Translation & language variations


CHANNEL MARKETING – Extranet/Loyalty Schemes

Events/Partner Programmes/Joint Promotions

Growing your Channel
Partner strategy...

CML can provide your organisation with a wealth of channel marketing honed through International programmes for Sun, Sharp, Siemens, Roland, Yamaha and many others. Channel analysis and partner programmes are amongst the most misunderstood aspects of developing a robust partner
sales strategy.

A professional set of criteria for appointing partners
is essential if the distribution channel is to be
controlled and quality of service maintained.
This includes accreditation, incentivisation, clear 
engagement criteria and appropriate promotions,
as well as ongoing channel analysis.

We can help you develop a world beating strategy!

Partner programme development
Partner recruitment strategies
Trade advertising
Partner accreditation schemes
Partner action packs
Longterm channel tie-in strategies
Partner web presence and resourses
Trade incentive schemes
Channel profile analysis


BUSINESS PLANS – Executive Summary/Financials

Brand/Strategy/Ops Manual/Full Plan Creation

Creating a winning
Business Plan...

Our Professional Business Plans have successfully
mulit million pound investments and have been recognised
by the UK TI Global Entrepreneur Programme. You are
competing with a hundred other companies for funding.
Let us show you how to put a winning plan together.

Executive Summary
What makes the proposition unique?
How does it make money?

Product & Service Information
A detailed description of all product USPs and its
target market.

Sales & Marketing Strategy
Market research, channels to market, marketing budget,
brand, advertising, PR, partner programmes.

Management Team & Organisation
Directors CV’s, organisations chart, related skills section.

Corporate Business Vision
Product or service market positioning and international
pricing strategies, threat and risk analysis.

Operations Manual
Technology, logistics, compliance and regulations,
back office, staff requirements, terms of business.

Current Status
Company background, R&D, testing, existing sales,
case studies and operational model.

Financial Projections
1, 2, 3 and 5 year financial projections and profit and
loss account.

Funding Requirements
Total investment requirement, sales forecasts, milestones
and deliverables.

COPYWRITING – Social Submissions/Editorial/Blog

Press Releases/Case Studies/Advertising

The art and craft of messaging...

Brand and Web style guidelines
International design, creation and messaging
Brand templete development rules
Logo usgae guidelines
Channel and Partner accrediation guidelines
Typography and Font implementation
Support Visuals and iconography guides
Translation & language variations

SEO Optimised Copywriting

For all things web, our SEO copywriters will craft persuasive copy that meets the latest standards of Google, convincing your visitors to buy from you. We will strategically sprinkle all targeted keywords in your copy. Your SEO will contain sufficient information to help you impress both search engines and visitors.

For case studies, brochures, direct mail and adverts our copywriters will keep the flow of information smooth and intact and the transition from one point to another will be natural and engaging. Our headlines will demand their attention.

For Social submissions, articles and company blogs we provide entertaining, engaging and witty commentary that shares, solicits and challenges readers.



CONSULTANCY – Review/Strategy/Planning/Advice

Understanding/Top View/Independance

Independence amplified...

The word ‘Consultancy’ makes some companies shudder.
At CML we understand this. So let us refer to it in this way...

Need a second pair of eyes?
Want to independently review where you stand from
the outside? Underpinned by an exceptional service
on a personal level, we have developed good long term
relationships with many of our clients at CEO, MD or
Director level.

We are happy to undertake any assessment with care
and diplomacy. We always highlight positive things
that can be done or added, and do not spend time raking
over what may have not worked.

If you wish to speak to or require references from
any of our customers, we can provide these on application.
We are actually happy for you to speak to our clients by
mutual arrangement. Please contact us in this regard.

Realtime monitoring, alerting and notifications
Page up
Page down


Say hello, we'd love to hear from you, so please get in touch!
If you have an enquiry simply fill in your details and we will get back to you...
Or for any technical support please contact our Support Desk

CML Marketing Limited
21 Oakland Park,
Oakhill Lane
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

T: 01473 604504
Design Studio






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